Friday, 4 May 2012

Latte Macchiato Nails

Hi Everyone!

Whilst in work the other day, we were rooting through some carrier bags and found some scraps of material the factory had used to tie the bags together. One of the scraps was a nude colour, and the other was black. Myself and a couple of girls I work with (hi girls *waves*) were saying how nice the colours were when combined. I said that they would be awesome for a manicure, and the challenge was born.

I used a Claire's Accessories polish called Toffee, and Bourjois' So Laque in Noir de Chine, as well as my Claire's Black nail art pen.

This is what I came up with!!

I wasn't exactly sure of what I was going to come up with - I painted the base colours on, and then added the various stripes! I was pretty happy with my result, except for the fact that my topcoat nommed the top of the polish!

Jo - my coffee guru friend came up with the name Latte Macchiato for this one, and I think it suits it pretty damn well! Thanks Jo!!

What do you think - did I come up with a suitable mani for the challenge?

Now, where did I put my coffee...?!

Love Charlotte x

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