Wednesday, 16 May 2012

H+M Urban Spirit

Hi Everyone,

It seems that I keep on saying that I don't really wear blue polishes very often, but then completely contradict myself by buying yet another blue polish. With this one, I couldn't help myself. It wasn't just the crazy bottle that called to me, it was the sparkles.

In the shade, this is a beautiful steely, purplish blue. A beautiful modern and elegant colour.

 When it catches the light, it truly is stunning. It has a holographic shimmer. The particles are far too tiny to be considered glitter. This definitely shimmers.

Yes it's blurred - but I wanted to share the magic holo particles!

 Unfortunately, this was a bitch to apply.It was thick and gloopy and refused to dry, even with a trusty quick dry top coat. Bitch! I so wanted this to become a new favourite, but the formula sucks. I've had a few awesome polishes from H+M - this lets the side down. I don't know if this is just my bottle being a dud, or what. Bitch!!

Crazy bottle.

And yes, it has a crazy-funky bottle.

This polish gets a sigh from me. Sooooo much potential, its a beautiful colour and is very pretty on the nail, but it feels like a battle to get it on nicely.


Have you had better luck with this polish? If so, let me know. At £2.50 a bottle, I would happily buy another one if only it would play nice with me!

Love Charlotte x

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