Saturday, 26 May 2012

Color Club Swatches - Part Deux!

Hi Everyone,

Here we are again with some more swatches of my Color Club Collection which I started yesterday! As I said last time, these were done with speed in mind, so please excuse the fact that they are not the best swatches you will ever see - I just wanted to avoid the glitter-removal nightmare!

First up is one of my favourites - Sexy Siren. This, I believe was from the Glitter Vixen collection of 2010.

These polishes all applied much better than I expected - especially for a glitter polish. This one was a particular delight though. This was just two coats.

I adore the switch from subtle to BAM! SPARKLE!! In the light, this is full on nail bling. The multicoloured effect is beautiful - I would say this has a silver base with a hint of lilac - perhaps more 'grilac', one might say, and a rainbow of holographic glitters.

 Yes, I am aware I love the blurred photo thing a bit too much, but ooooh, its shiny!!

This polish was an absolute pleasure - however I must admit that I did actually wear this one for a day. It was beautiful. Squeal-worthy. Utter nail porn. And a must for any self confessed glitter lover. I'm afraid that I can't remember what it was like during removal, but I know it wasn't as bad as some I have tried. And you will see that it was a few days before I got round to the rest of the swatches as my nails are different lengths! Ooops!!

Next is Candy Cane, a sweet pale pink glitter that looks good enough to eat! This had a much thicker consistency, and is still pretty sheer after two thick coats. This one will be lovely for layering.

Excuse my naked nails underneath - there will be swatches of this with a base soon. Promise!

This reminded me of a more luxurious version of Barry M's Pink Iridescent. A slightly darker pink too, but on the nail, that would hardly be noticeable. Here they are side by side on paper, so you can see the difference.

I love the Color Club version, but it will be difficult to source in the UK. I would be inclined to recommend getting the Barry M version if you feel the need for some pink sparkles (who doesn't?) in your life!

Last, but certainly not least, is Diamond Drops. This is a gawjus shimmery flakies polish in a clear base. I see silver and gold, blue, lilac and pink and just a hint of green. Holographic flakies then, to be precise. Say it with me now... Oooooooh!!

Here it is over a variety of polishes!

A variety of pictures - I don't have the ability to take photo where each nail looks its best, so I just added photos so each nail had a complimentary picture! That's much easier than being a skilled photographer!

On a side note, I can not wait to wear Diamond Drops over the black polish! It really makes the flakies look their best, and more noticeable. The white looked better in real life than is shown in the photos - it made me think of fairy wings, very girly and sweet!

So there we have it! The conclusion of my Color Club Collection! Alliteration - woot! I hope you liked them! Don't forget, TK Maxx is your friend, especially for finds like these!!

Happy shopping,

Love Charlotte x

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