Sunday, 6 May 2012

Claire's Accessories Glitter Holographic

Hi Everyone,

We all know I have a weakness. Well, several actually! But holographic polish is my Kryptonite. I fall over myself for it. (That might just be because I am about as graceful as a house brick, but I'll blame the polish.) I can't pass a holo polish without going weak at the knees. It yells at me until I buy it. And I don't like being shouted at, so I do it and the voices stop...

Working in retail often means you are surrounded by other shops. And other shops mean other things to buy. You get the picture.

I went for a walk on my lunch break. Trying to get more exercise and all that. There is a handy Claire's Accessories about 5 minutes from where I work. That means I had a 10 minute walk. Going into Claire's Accessories was my reward for walking on my break, instead of just lounging around!

And this was my prize!!

Pretty, huh? This was a three coater. I think I could have done with one more, but I didn't notice that until I had left the house and my bottle behind. Doh!

Despite the dinky bottle, application was relatively easy, and the drying time was pretty quick too - which is always a bonus! It dried smooth too, which is always nice with a glitter polish.

The next day, I couldn't bear to take it off. So I got out my nail art pens and added some bling to change the mani instead of just replacing it!

Each nail gained three curved stripes and a black gemstone. Each ring finger got an extra couple of clear gems, but unfortunately it doesn't show so well in the pictures. This makes me think of a comet - the sparkles of the glitter being stars, the gems being the comet and the stripes being the comet's tail!

I hope you like them!

Love Charlotte x

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