Friday, 18 May 2012

Blue Gradient Nails

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to show you a mani which I can't wait to try again - only next time, with a tan!

I love gradient manicures - they look awesome and can be relatively simple to do, however, sometimes they can be a bit hit or miss for me.

This mani has a few faults - but I know exactly where I went wrong and will try my hardest not to make that mistake again.

My base layers would not dry. The colour I used (2true Glossywear Polish in shade number 49) would not dry within a reasonable time, and it hated a quick dry top coat. The colour itself is lovely - a bright and bold shimmery blue. And if I had given it 10 years to dry, it would have been gorgeous. But, I was slightly impatient.

I know, nail fail!

I sponged on a new polish from Barry M - well, one I haven't seen before anyway! This one is called Denim and I got it as part of a little haul from my local Superdrug. They had a buy two, save £1 thing going one. And then there was the three for £5 on the 2true polishes. Yes, yes, resistance is futile.

Anyway, I digress! Back to the nails!

Unfortunately, you can see where the sponge ripped up some of my base layer, and I have tried to fix it. And unfortunately, I think I made it worse. But if you ignore that teensy bit, this manicure will surely make you want to go on holiday! There is just something about those blues that make me think of a bright summer sky and a tropical sea begging for someone to swim in it!

I love the mix of colours here. I don't often wear blue. I'm not sure why, I just prefer it's cousin purple. But these two blues have really changed my mind. Bring on the Blue!!

What do you think - is this a great holiday manicure?

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlotte x

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