Friday, 7 September 2012

Belle Gel Nails: Cerise

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been so busy (and tired) with work lately. Anyway, I have scrounged together time to give myself another gel manicure - this time with a coloured gel.

The people from Belle Gel were kind enough to send me a few more colours to try out *happy dance* and so here I am! The biggest issue I had here, was deciding which colour to go for...

A typical problem chez Nails and Tales haha!!

As we are scrounging the last few days of Summer out of September, I had to go with the gorgeous bright pink: Cerise! I am often a wishful thinker, and so bright nails might encourage bright days... You never know! If we have some additional sunshine, you can thank me haha!!

(Just for funsies, at this point, my PC went FUBAR. So I apologise for how late I am in posting of any description, but I have been trying to retrieve all my stored pictures. I started this on Tuesday morning. It's now Friday...  Make sure you back your shiz up people, I am very lucky to have not lost everything. And very lucky that I have a spare laptop for my blogging / Internet fun!)

So, on with the gels! If you read this post, you will have already seen my initial review of the product and application. I'm not going to bore you with the same text over again, I'm just going to show you some pretty pink nails!

Very shiny, yes?

The pink itself is very lovely - it's bright, and blue toned, and just an extra hint of red. I've been wearing them since Monday, and they look fab! The colour really suits my skin tone! I find this shade to be fun, but still elegant - which is great for work (for me anyway!)

The application guide suggests a coat of clear, two coats of colour, and another coat of clear. This leaves for a very glossy finish! My only slight, concern was that the coloured gel seemed to shrink on top of the still tacky clear gel, as you can see from the few gaps I have. I don't think it's massively noticeable; I noticed because I had taken extra care when applying the colour to cover as much nail as possible! By the time curing had finished, it had shrunk! 

The next time I try a colour application, I think I'll try to cure the clear base for 2-3 minutes, instead of 30 seconds, to see if that helps the colour stay put a bit better! I think that this is the type of thing where practise really makes perfect, if you are a complete perfectionist. On the other hand, I'm not sure everyone would scrutinise as much as me, and just be glad of a chip free mani for up to two weeks!

Despite this, I have definitely enjoyed wearing the Cerise gels for the last few days. I love the colour, I love the glossy finish, and I love the simplicity of application. The only thing I don't love, is this:

That's a 70% gel lift on my left thumb nail. I went to bed last night, and it was fine. I wake up this morning, and there is a slice across my nails where the gel has split. Upon further investigation, most of it had lifted.

I would LOVE to know what I did in my sleep last night ;)

Now I have the dilemma... re-gel my thumb, or accent nail time??!

So, if you have any ideas why my gel lifted, or what the hell I did last night, let me know! I don't want to make the same mistake next time haha!

Regardless of the lift, (which I know can happen with a professional application too), I'm still a bit in love with the Belle Gel kit. I love this colour too - and if you are a fan of pink, buy it now!! I can't stop looking at my nails, and marvelling at how glossy they are. I'm not bored, even after 5 days - so you know it has to be good!

I personally can't wait to try the other colours... Yes Mocha, I mean you!

Love Charlotte x

Additional Info:

Starter Kit £59.95 from, currently with free postage and packing on orders over £40.

Additional gels (12 colours available including Cerise) at £12.95 each.
The gel sent to me was a PR Sample, but as you can see, all thoughts and reviews are my own. I am not affiliated with anyone, nor do I ever intend to be anything other than 100% honest.

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