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Hi Everyone,

I have been reading various blogs for a couple of years now, and I will happily blame those other blogs for my inability to pass a Nail Polish display without having a good old nose! What can I say, I am easily influenced!

I started painting my nails on a regular daily basis before my Wedding in 2011. I found that I was less likely to break my flimsy nails when I wore polish, and I wanted long nails for my Wedding. Then, blogs showed me lots of different variations of nail art - I wanted to play too!

After the Wedding, I found that I still had my addiction to painting my nails... and a bit more spare cash for picking a few bottles up here and there! For a long time, my friends and colleagues encouraged me to create my own blog about my nails. I figured, why not? At least I will have my own gallery (if you will) of the different manicures I have tried!

Although Nail Polish is my main cosmetic lust object, it's not my only one. In fact, I will be using this blog to share the different things that I love! This will likely include other cosmetics, cake and cats. And things beginning with letters other than C? Who knows? Hopefully, you might find your own new lust objects here, or at least get a few ideas for how to paint your own nails!

This blog will represent my personal opinions of the products I use. I don't have a huge budget - sometimes none at all, but at least I can share what I learn. All products are purchased by me, unless stated otherwise. I am committed to only giving honest reviews of my experience, simply because there are others like me who do not want to waste their hard earned cash on a dud product.

If you have any questions about this blog or any of the products used, please feel free to get in touch or comment. I will try to answer whenever I can.

Email: nailsandtalesblog@gmail.com

Twitter: @charNailsnTales

Love Charlotte x

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