Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Holographic Upgrade!

Hi Everyone,

We all know by now that I love my holo polishes. And I mentioned last time that the wear wasn't fantastic on my Layla ones. Beeeeeeautiful polishes, but crappy wear - whats a girl to do?

Despite the fact that I love to change my polish more regularly than some people change their socks, I couldn't discard my Mermaid Spell mani after just one day. So I improvised! Clever me, eh? :D

I added a new (to me) and instant favourite polish (thanks Beth x). China Glaze (who else?) Senorita Bonita! This was a brain worm for me for ages... yet another purple for my collection! Woot!!  I managed such neatness that is somewhat unusual for me with the use of tape and a shed load of patience. I am one of those idiots people who struggle drawing a straight line whilst using a ruler. So freehanding a straight line on nails - especially on my right hand - is a teensy bit difficult. But this looks pretty good, even if I think so myself. There are even a few cheeky gems in there for good measure! Ooooh shiny and blingy!!

I absolutely loved wearing this mani - both of these colours are certified nail porn (to me at least) and I loved the fact that other people kept staring at my nails. I felt as though I was hypnotising them with my flashy holographic polish. I R Hypnotoad!

Or, maybe not! 

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlotte x

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  1. Hi

    Layla really needs a good topcoat. The ones that work are limited but Layla top coat is good!

    The other option is to seal it under gel :-)

    Certainly worth persevering as it is lush xx


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