Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Oh YES! Holographic Nails!!

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. I'm in my 20's - that's as close as you will get to my real age! And like the dutiful husband he is, the Mr. purchased some wonderful nail polish for me.

So what if I picked them out and pointed at them until he ordered them...? He did it - that's the mani main thing!!

These are my objects of desire and nail lust. Layla Holographic - available from simply occasions - who are currently the only UK stockists.

This is how they arrived. Look!!

The first time you order the Layla polishes, you get a free nail file and buffer - to remove all the ridges from your nails.

But what I really loved is the attention to detail in the packaging.

The little bag, the teal crepe paper and the holographic flower sticker! It's just pretty - and it tells me that Simply Occasions is run by someone who takes pride in their work. I like!

Anyway, now the important stuff.

I happily introduce you to Layla Mercury Twilight. The was four quick and easy coats. On first application, I got this horrible sinking feeling - there was no holo! My inner diva started to get all worked up - and let me tell you , that is NOT pretty. But as it started to dry, you could see the holo effect creep across the nail. Happy!!!

This beauty is called Mermaid Spell - I LOVE that name. If I was going to be a mermaid for a day, I would choose a tail in this colour. It's blue, green, pink and orange all at once.
Again, this is about four coats - this time over a white base. I was hoping that the white base reduced the need for so many coats, but for me it didn't. I am not a fan of VNL, and will happily layer on polish to try and avoid it.

I have many many polishes. Many. But these have risen to the top of my favourites tree. The wear is not fantastic, I had minor wear and tear within hours - but they are beautiful. Really stunning. And who can resist nail porn like this? I can't!

So thank you to the Mr. for buying me these treasures.

And thank you to everyone else who bought me polish for my birthday! Those polishes will be getting blog space soon!!

Thanks for reading - now go get your own Holo polishes - these are MINE!!

Charlotte x

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