Monday, 30 April 2012

Nails and Tales Recommends...!

Hi everyone!

I love mascara. Let's just get that out there. I have previously been described as a mascara whore, and quite frankly, it's true. I think I look ill without it.

My friend Beth (my fairy glam-mother) bought me the Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara for my birthday last year, which I adore. Except for the fact that its over £20. Ouch. Amazing mascara, but ouch.

I have found a close second to my beloved mascara. A mascara I adore and can't stop talking about. A mascara which costs £3.50.

Not a typo!!

I picked up the George Lash Xtend in Intense Black mascara whilst doing my weekly shop in Asda. It has plastic bristles, which I find are great for separating my lashes. And it covers my holy grail of mascara necessities - it lengthens and thickens my lashes.

I have fairly long, but very thin and pale lashes, so a mascara that can show off the length and makes them look thick too??! LOVE!!

Ok, so bear with me. I have taken some pictures of just how good this mascara is. But to do that, I had to take pictures of myself. Eeek! And I didn't have any make up on. Double eeek. But at least you'll see how much this mascara rocks!!

No Makeup :(

One Coat. Just one. Awesome.

Two Coats! Yessss!

You can see the difference straight away. A mascara that does this for less than £20 is great. One that does it for less than a fiver? Run out and buy one now!! You can not go wrong with this! I can't see myself buying anything else now - unless I win the lottery, and then I can go back to the Clarins one. Or buy hundreds of different mascaras and play with them allllll!!

Got a teensy bit carried away there. But who wouldn't??!

As I'm not a millionaire, Asda have made me a happy bunny!

Why not give it a go too?

Love Charlotte x

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