Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chanel Coco Blue

Hi Everyone,

I have a big happy to share with you today. My wonderful Mr bought me a little gift a few days ago. Oddly, I walked straight past the Selfridges bag it was hidden in. Didn't even notice it. He found it rather funny, and wondered how I hadn't noticed there was a GIFT for ME in said bright yellow bag.

What can I say, I was somewhat preoccupied!! I'm a busy girl!

Anyway, under a sea of samples for Chanel and Dior (I'm still wondering how he gets so many when I get hardly any...) I found this!!!

First of all (and I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging) but how awesome is my other half? He knows that I love Chanel (but can not afford it any more) and that I love nail polish. He combined my two cosmetic loves and got me this! Happy!!

Here it is swatched:

With Flash - OMG Bluuuuuue!

Natural Light

This polish is just so pretty. I had been thinking that I needed some pale blue for my collection, as I don't really have many blues. I was thrilled when this appeared!

It has the slightest hint of grey (which seems to always be a winner for me!) and teeny tiny flecks of something shimmery. This is two coats, which still has a bit of VNL. But, who cares. It's Chanel. We love Chanel - they can do no wrong.

Next time, I will give myself time to apply a third coat. This was an omg-I'm-gonna-be-late-for-work-but-I-can't-leave-without-my-nails-being-done kinda thing. We've all been there. And it was worth it.

Thank you hubby!!

And thanks for reading,

Love Charlotte x

PS - Yes, I will so be sending him for all samples in future - I know when I'm onto a winner!!

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