Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mavala Mini Haul

Hi Everyone!

So, hands up anyone who has ever made a snap decision to go without food for nail polish...?

Just me? Surely not...!

You may recall my somewhat mushy post regarding my Wedding Anniversary from last week. As a huge surprise, my Hubby whisked me away for a trip to the lovely city of Oxford, and to visit some family members from the surrounding areas.

Perfect excuse then, for me to rummage through their shops and root around for goodies!

*cough cough* I mean find his mum a birthday present... Anyway...

Mumsie-in-law requested something to make her nails stronger, and help with peeling. I went to a highly recommended product of course - OPI Nail Envy. One for her, and one for me!

You can see where this is going... right?

Whilst the stuff isn't cheap, it doesn't look like much to the uninitiated, so I decided to make a little goodie bag of nail delights. We popped into a little pharmacy, and BOOM! Mavala display!!


I chose a Mavala gift set for her - and had a minor pout moment as it was the last one and I really liked the colours. To settle my sulk, I picked two bottles up for myself. As you do.
Off I trot to the counter, and the lovely girl tells me that the Mavala singles are on Three for Two.

I bought six. Pretty reserved, considering... Who doesn't love free polish??!


A gorgeous nude. I am not normally the type of girl who gets excited by plainer polishes, but this made me giggle with delight. I loved it. It's beautiful. It really ought to be a collection staple for any nail polish fiend.

This was two coats, and was a pleasure to apply.


Pink! Let me just start by saying that I am in love with this pink! It's gorgeous! This, to me, is a wannabe neon. It's bright, but doesn't have the sharpness of a true neon - it's softer, and just plain pretty. Think Barbie, and you can't go too wrong. 

Again, the formula is lovely, but this colour is slightly sheer. I used three coats, but would recommend using two over a white base. That will really make the colour pop too!

La Paz

More pink - only this time a much more vibrant, hot pink. I could not resist this one, it has a slight blue tinge to it which makes it really bright! 

The formula on this polish was slightly thicker than the others, but despite this, with two coats, there is still some VNL. Another one for the white base coat!

Oh, and La Paz + Toes = Perfect Summer Pedi!


Ok, I know. It's purple. I LOVE purple. Maybe too much...? But I am weak and it's hard to resist a purple, especially one like this. A rich plum-purple. With blue shimmer.

The tone of the purple is very similar to MAC's Dark Angel , except that Mexico has that shimmer when the light hits it. Shimmer! It makes DA look rather flat in comparison, and there is a slight price difference too. MAC bottle retail for around £10 for 10ml, the Mavala polishes are around £4.10 for 5ml. And I can't remember the last time I finished a large bottle of polish.

I have to admit, like the MAC purple, this was my least favourite formula, and it took three coats to cover the streaks. And the shimmer is most noticeable under a bright light. But still, it's very pretty.


This shade dates back to 2010, when Elle collaborated with Mavala to create a polish celebrating their 25th anniversary. It is described as a purpley grey, but I see a brownish hint to it too. It's name is very fitting, as it is elegant and chic - grown up, but not old lady!

Another one with a lovely formula (no surprises there) and again, just two coats. 

Platinum Marble

Last but definitely not least is this beautiful metallic, taupey brown. The description might sound a bit meh, but this has a stunning multi-toned shimmer running through it. I think that this compliments my skin tone really well too, and yes, I did have a squeal from this polish too. For a metallic, the brush strokes are very minimal, and it dries to a lovely molten finish.

A great formula, but again, slightly sheer. This was three coats, but these polishes dry quickly, so it's not a hardship.

So, the moral of the story? I love me some Mavala.

Great price, great selection of colours, quick drying and excellent formulas. 

And... buying a gift for someone else may lead to gifts for you too...

Love Charlotte x


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