Sunday, 19 August 2012

Colour Lustings - Accessorize Soft Jade

Hi Everyone,

I am sharing one of my brain worms with you today! I've had this in my collection for a little while now, but not as long as I had been dreaming about it. Despite the fact that this polish has a rather nice price tag, it's hard-ish for me to get hold of as it means travelling to a city, for a larger Superdrug store. I so wish my local one would sort themselves out and stock the Accessorize make up range!

Anyway, rant over! I will now spam you and bombard you all with images of the precious.

Accessorize Soft Jade.

This is three coats of Soft Jade. It has a fairly nice formula, but a completely beautiful finish. It's just gorgeous! The colour is just  so mesmerising, I adore it! It is opulent and elegant, without being plain or boring.

OK, now you all want it too, right? Go get it! It's about £3 from larger Superdrug stores. Go now!!

Love Charlotte x

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