Thursday, 23 August 2012

China Glaze Street Chic +

Hi Everyone,

You might remember that the last time I went to my local Sally's store, I indulged on some discounted polishes. Let's face it, it would be rude not to... I mean, who can resist??

One of my bargains was China Glaze's Street Chic, which you may remember from this post back in June. It's a gorgeous smokey brown, which is beautiful on it's own...

Or, with a little something extra! As you do, because, well... why not?!

I used two of my current favourite polishes to accentuate the gorgeousness of Street Chic - Accessorize Soft Jade, and Barry M's Gold Foil. I think that this is a great combination of colours! Jade and Gold together are stunning, but the brown just brings it closer to being a great transitional mani from Summer to Autumn!

I love how simple, but effective dotted manicures are. I used the pointed end of an orange stick for mine, but I have also used the end of an old kirby/hair grip before now! (Of course, you can pick up proper dotting tools relatively cheaply, but every time I go to order some, I spend the money on polish instead.) It does help to have a steady hand though...!

What do you think? Are you a fan of polka-dots? Let me know!

Love Charlotte x

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