Thursday, 9 August 2012

Random Nails of The Day!

Hi Everyone,

Seeing as I am on day 2.5 of wearing gels, I thought I would share an older mani with you!

Here is a fabulous and random manicure from me. Very random, but I loved wearing it haha!

Ever been unable to decide how to paint your nails? Do you have art, or a new colour, or all out bling?

I was in a particularly blingy mood, and really wanted to play with my Sally Hansen Glitter polishes, which were an awesome gift from Beth. I couldn't decide on a colour... So...

My only real option was to use more than one colour... and add a bit of leopard print in the mean-time. All I needed now, was huge hair, shoulder pads and some mahoosive earrings!

How do your random manicures end up? Let me know!

Love Charlotte x

PS - The colours I used were Blingtastic (Blue) and Bejeweled (pinky-purple).

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