Monday, 13 August 2012

Lingerie Nails - Oo Er!

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to share a bit of nail art I did a little while back, after my Holiday. I had been away for 10 days with no polish, and I was itching to get some practise!

I knew, what ever I ended up doing, I wanted it to be a bit vampy. Not blood sucking, dark and twisted vampy, more bombshell, Marilyn Monroe-esque vampy. Dare I say a mix between cute and sexy?

Anyway, the first polish I grabbed just happened to be a red... no surprises there! One of my favourite reds is the Mavala Elle Red - great colour and very easy to apply! So, this is what I went with!

My mini bottle of MAC Style Tip from my Dazzlesphere set was on my desk, so I started to play...

Here's what I came up with!

I started with a curved V at the tip of each nail, and whilst I really liked the colours together, I felt it needed a bit more. I wanted to give the effect of ribbon running through the outer edges of the curves. Whilst on close inspection, I didn't do a great job, from a respectable distance it looked pretty cool!  There are a few streaks where my top coat decided to bring the red along with it, but all in all, I was pretty happy. I was a bit out of practise after all...

As for the name, there was something about the curves of the V with the ribbon that reminded me of a bra! Odd, I know! But hey, surely you know me by now! 

One thing that I did learn from this is that I actually really like the design, and next time, I will pay more attention to getting my ribbons straight! And not allow my top coat to misbehave of course...

Love Charlotte x

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