Sunday, 30 September 2012

Accessorize Utah

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to show you a polish that I purchased back in June, alongside two of my favourite Accessorize polishes, Colorado and Soft Jade.

Top Tip: whenever you buy Accessorize polishes, buy more than one!

It's been in my 'Nail Files' for ages now, as you will tell by the swatches, but it was definitely one to save for Autumn... it's the colour of crispy golden leaves that have fallen from the trees, and has a golden pink shimmer, that reminded me of the sun coming up on a crisp September morning. How poetic of me! Despite the fact, that a dull, wet grey would have been more appropriate for Autumn so far. And who am I kidding, for Summer too...

Anyways, enough rambling from me, have some pretty pictures instead!

This required three coats in total, as the formula was 'OK'. Not amazing, and not terrible - and to be fair, not as good as some of my other Accessorize polishes. Don't let that put you off though - sometimes a little bit of hard work can really pay off - and this is a great example.

As you can see, when the light hits it, it brings out that gorgeous shimmer and really makes this quite a special polish. It's certainly not like anything else in my stash!

What do you think? Do you have any Accessorize favourites? I am feeling the need to buy some more, if truth be told!

Let me know!

Love Charlotte x

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