Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Abstract Nails

Hi Everyone,

I hope you guys are all good, and not suffering too much with the rubbish weather at this time of year! Alas, I have been a busy bee (again) and my nails have taken a slight back seat for a little while! Work is manic, my computer was out of action for a few days and I've had lots to do at home!! (Excuses, excuses - I know!) So, here is another one from the vault - again on my rather short nubbin nails! Hopefully, I'll get myself sorted enough to blog regularly again!!

I used OPI's Skull and Glossbones for the base colour, and went a little bit wild with my nail art pens! The result? Well, random is the first word that comes to mind haha!!

I must admit, I'm not really all that happy when I have short nails. It sends me into a weird kind of mourning. But these nails make me smile, for being so random, bright and little bit 80's!

What do you think?

Love Charlotte x

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