Friday, 5 October 2012

Avon Calling!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick one from me today, just so that I can share the loveliness that is Avon's Decadence.

It's beautiful. It ticks so many boxes for me, I can not tell you how nicely surprised I was when I tried this!

1) It's purple.

2) It's shimmery.

3) Its got a slight Duochrome.

4) Its got a nice brush.

5) Its got a nice formula.

6) It didn't cost the national debt to purchase!

Should I go on? Actually, I'll let this do the talking for me!!

Gorgeous, eh? It's so pretty! I get so many compliments when I wear this polish. It is a surprise favourite of mine now!

I got mine via my Avon lady... a.k.a my Mum's friend who does it on the side, but you can get it from their website if you don't have a local rep. They're normally about £6 each, but are currently half price. Or 4 for £10. Wish I hadn't seen that... I'm likely to be buying more polish today, I see!

Don't blame me if you buy the lot haha!!

Hope you like it,

Love Charlotte x

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