Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paint It Black?

Hi Everyone,

Today I am not actually referring to the Rolling Stones song, but to the choice of polish colour... Black.

To me, black polish makes me think of the Goth Kids in South Park...

... who don't even seem to be wearing any polish, but still black polish seems to shout Goth to me. Especially if it's chipped.  Not that there is anything wrong with that of course, it just isn't me. Although, I'm loving the purple lipstick and black eyeliner combo the girl goth is working!

Also, I have this whole thing where certain dark colours make my fingers look fat, and I won't wear them out of the house! But sometimes, we do need a bit of black polish in our lives, and the right black polish can make all the difference.

My black polish of choice is Bourjois' Noir de Chine from their So Laque range.

It's a very glossy black polish, that dries relatively quickly and only requires two coats. It dries to a very even finish, which is beautifully shiny. On it's own, this is far more glam than goth, and it can also be an excellent base for any nail art or sparkly top coat! You may remember my Summer Flames nail art offering, where I used this as a base.

I've actually had this in my stash for quite some time now, and whilst the formula on my bottle is pretty good, I hear reports that this range has taken a turn for the worse. I hope that this isn't true, as I will need to be on the look out for a new glossy black, that won't break the bank! Do you have any issues with the 'new' So Laque formula? 

Either way, seeing as the nights are drawing in, and the weather is going from bad to grim, I think that a bit of black polish is in order, don't you? Even if it's just to see what combinations I can come up with!

What about you? Do you rock black polish? And do you have a favourite?

Let me know!

Love Charlotte x

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