Friday, 25 May 2012

My Little Color Club Collection - Part One!

Hi Everyone!

Ok, first of all, did that title make anyone else think of My Little Pony? Even as I was typing it, I was having flashbacks to the 80's - there was something  about the smell of My Little Ponies that made me want them ALL! Ah, thems were the days!

Anyway, seeing as I've started going off topic if the first paragraph now I best get back to the important and interesting stuff! Polish! Wooooo!

A little while ago, whilst on an exciting expedition into my local TK Maxx, I came across some nail polish. I always check out their beauty shelves as they have some amazing bargains - but you have to be willing to root around, under and behind things. So far, I have only come away empty handed once. Not even I could use three bottle of OPI's Who The Shrek Are You, even if they were £5 for all three. Lime green? Its so not me!

What is me, is holographic glittery goodness. I have been keeping a little lemming lust wish-list for a while now. Just a few polishes that I feel I need to own, and if I have a bit of spare cash - I treat myself. One of these was Color Club's Sugar Plum Fairy from their 2011 Christmas collection, Beyond The Mistletoe.

So, picture the scene - I'm in TK Maxx, and the shelves are a mess. If you've been there, you know just what I mean. I had not long finished a loooong day in work, and was very low in energy (and stupidly walked past a Costa without getting myself a coffee). There was only one thing for it. I put my game face on and dived in. Not quite the epic William Wallace Braveheart charge - there was no blue face paint, or me yelling 'you'll never take my POLISH!!!' But still, I had a battle ahead.

In I go, handbag at me feet - my work handbag is one of those magic ones, you shove everything in and it's fine until you go shopping with it. Then it triples in weight. Magic.

I start having a rummage - there were some un-tempting Nails Inc collections in the way, some random-branded box sets of old lady pinks cluttering the shelf and oddly, a pair of shoes. Men's shoes. (I told you it was a mess!) And then, with what felt like bolts of heavenly light coming from the sky (yes, even though it IS of course indoors) I saw them. Color Club Box sets.

Anyone living in the UK will tell you how RARE it is to find Color Club on a shelf here. Rare. I felt like Indiana  Jones finding a hidden treasure.

 Now, I know that this isn't the Glitter Vixen Collection, in fact it seems to be a mix of two separate collections, but who cares? POLISH!!

I did what anyone else would have done. I bought the only two boxes of this they had left. One for me (insert cheesy grin here) and one for Beth.

Want me to upset you and tell you something really wonderful? Yes?? The sets were only £7.99 each. (Insert silly happy dance here!)

Now, I will start with a few swatches, but please be aware that I kind of cheated here. Many of us will know the annoyance of removing glitter polish. You know, the whole foil wrapped around your fingers for five minutes thing - and having your husband mock you because he thinks, that you think, that aliens might be after your nails and the foil will stop them from seeing them?!  Or is that just me and my daft other half?

Because of the time it takes to get it off, I basically slapped on the polish, took very quick photos, and took it off whilst it was still wet. So much easier for the blogging swatchathons, but did leave the odd random glitter particle on my fingers! And yes, I can paint my nails better than these pictures will dictate, but I just wanted to be quick!

Sorry! :)

First up is Sugar Plum Fairy - I spotted this and realised the packaging was labelled incorrectly and that I was be the world's biggest idiot if I didn't buy it immediately.

These photo's don't seem to pick up the beautiful lavender shimmer this has, but this is only two rushed coats. The polish itself is literally packed with chunky holographic glitter. I am in love with this polish. I heart it. I would sell my virtual first-born for it.

Next, is Beyond The Mistletoe - a gorgeous blue holo glitter. This one was slightly thinner, and required three coats in all. Still, its beautiful and I can't wait to wear this one properly.

Finally - for this post at least, I'll show you Gingerbread. Oddly, this is my least favourite of the collection, despite how pretty it is. I think its a psychological thing, as I don't really like gingerbread. The smell, yes. The biscuit/cookie/thingy - not so much.
This is a thinner polish, with what I felt were smaller glitter pieces. However, by this point I had inhaled a lot of nail polish remover fumes...! This was just two coats, but looking back, I could have done with a third.

I'm not sure why I don't love this one, I suppose there has to be one in each collection that makes you go meh! This is mine!

What do you think? Next time, I'll show you Candy Cane, Sexy Siren and Diamond Drops. Those of you eagle-eyed enough to know I missed a polish, the last one in the box is an unlabelled clear polish. I'm running with the assumption that its a top coat.

The moral of this story, is that if you see a Color Club polish set - buy it, and TK Maxx is the home of random and wonderful polish that is particularly bargainous!

Happy polish hunting!!

Love Charlotte x

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