Thursday, 24 May 2012

Topshop Hypnotic

Hi Everyone,

Whilst searching through my random folders of random photo's, I found a couple of swatches of a polish that I had almost forgotten about. Which is daft, seeing as it's only about 3 months old to me. Whilst at the height of my duochrome rampage, I picked this up after hearing many fantastic things about many Topshop polishes.

Side note: look at how long my nails were! Such talons!


The bottle shows promise with a lovely petrol-y effect - a silver base with a purple and green duochrome. As you can see though, this doesn't translate so well to the nail.

All nails have about three coats on, except for the ring finger - this is two coats over Sally Hansen's Eel Skin. For the silvery effect, this will be my choice of combination in the future, to avoid the bleurgh VNL - especially seen on my thumb. I do wonder what this will look like layered over other colours too...?

All in all, a pretty polish, but it doesn't deliver the duochrome fantastic-ness I had hoped for. Still, this might make for some interesting layering experiments!
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Love Charlotte x

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