Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Update: What Charlotte Did With Her Nails Whilst Neglecting Her Blog - Part I

Hi Everyone,

Please allow me to start with an apology. I am very sorry that I have neglected my blog - it was my honest intention to blog at least every few days, but as you can see (or not see - how paradoxical) I have been naughty. If there was an Internet Society for the Protection of Blogs, I can only assume someone would have called tweeted them to alert them of my abuse. And yes, I know I should sort myself a new twitter account for my blog, but... you know... when twitter and other peoples blogs become the only thing I read there is a total imbalance in the world. Like the Butterfly Effect; instead of butterflies causing hurricanes on the other side of the globe, I cause authors to starve. Or something.

Anyway, I am going to spam you with some photos of random nails I have been mostly wearing over the past few days weeks. And so.... Here begins Part I. Enjoy!

Here are my somewhat greyish Gobstopper Nails! I started with a base colour of two coats of OPI's Skull And Glossbones - a recent 'lemming' acquisition for me. I've seen so many people use it that I had to have it too. And there was the Lena White January sale. It would have been rude not to! I'm glad you agree!

Then for funsies - as you do - I added the lovely grilac (yes, that's a grey lilac, if you must know) Planks A Lot, also from OPI. I can remember doing these nails and being unable to decide which colour to paint my nails with for work. And with indecision comes the justification of having both. Yes, we all do it - some of us just can't admit it. How many times have you bought the same pair of shoes in different colours as you can NOT decide and can think of a MILLION outfits both pairs will go with and so you would be stupid and MISSING OUT if you didn't have both pairs. I mean, how many people would be laughing at you for not getting the other colour too? Exactly.

Finally, I topped it off with Mavala's lovely little New York, just to finish the grey theme. I do love the Mavala polishes - they are a little luxury treat. Every time I pop into my local John Lewis I have to have a peek at their range - at £4.10 a bottle, why not? Although, they are normally situated right next to the OPI range. At £11 a bottle (gone up from £10.50 - pfft) it's easier to justify a Mavala purchase! And I haven't tried one that didn't apply well!

Although this was my first go at this kind of manicure, I can't say I've impressed myself. Personally, I love the mix of colours, but I think this makes my long nails look a bit claw-ish. It's something I will likely try again when my nails are shorter. Looking back, it's not my tidiest attempt either. On a more positive note however, I think it's nice to try to spice up our greys a bit - why should they always look dull and boring?

My greys can have their bit of nail-time before spring pops along and brings everything pastelly and sweet with it!

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