Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A little Haul - and Swatches!

Hi everyone!

The precious time of the month that is payday came (and went) and with it came a little splurge on some new polish.

I had been lusting after a couple of polishes and could not talk myself out of it. I tried, but temptation got to me.

My objects of desire? These!

First up is Sally Hansen's Eel Skin. I saw this on Amazon and it became a real brain worm for me. I couldn't stop thinking about this beautiful grey. So soft and elegant.

And you know what? This applies like an absolute dream.

The brush is lovely.It has curves in all the right places, and is just soft enough without being too soft. The rubber grip on the handle is genius.

I found it so easy to paint with this polish. And it's just beautiful.

This was about £2 plus p+p on Amazon. I recommend.

Next up is an inevitable purchase.  Now this polish seems to be somewhat unpopular on many blogs, but I have to disagree. I don't have anything like this. Nor have I seen anything like it before.

This is China Glaze's Hook and Line from the Hunger Games Collection. This, is gorgeous.

This is probably what I would call Eel Skin lol! It's soft, metallic sheen looks like fish scales. The way it shimmers from grey to brown.

I love it. I can forgive the visible brush strokes for the fantastic colour. I have been perving at this polish for far too long. 

Love it or hate it. You will not change my mind about this. It looks like soft metal. The type of metal, that if you bit it, you'd leave teeth marks.

Yes, I know I'm getting strange again. But a great polish does that to me!

One day, I will take photos that do this polish justice.

Finally, I got myself a nifty little dupe of OPI's Rainbow Connection. You know, the one that sold out EVERYWHERE and costs a small fortune.

This is another Amazon purchase. It cost £1.50. Not £11. I decided to get the dupe as it is not a polish I will wear that often. I prefer my glitters to have fewer colours in all at once, but who could really, actually, honestly resist this at £1.50?

Not me ;)

This is one coat over Hook and Line - it's a polish called Carnival by Technic.

It's a pretty polish, jam packed with red, pink, blue, green, silver and gold multi-sized glitters. If you feel like you need Rainbow Connection, but not the price tag - get this. I don't see how you could be disappointed!

And yes, in case you were wondering, my nails are shorter. I broke one. My left thumb nail. I didn't cry, surprisingly. But I did decide to file my nails down to attempt to keep them strong. Ish.

Not exactly nubbins, but they feel short to me after having them long for ages! Why is it always my thumb nails that break first??!

(Mourns lost nails in quiet contemplation)

Thanks for reading, if there are any other dupes I ought to know about - let me know!

Love Charlotte x

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