Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What Charlotte Did With Her Nails Whilst Neglecting Her Blog - Part II

Hello again,

My posts are like buses - you wait weeks for one to turn up, and then they all turn up at once! Haha!

Anyway, up next we have a polish which applied beautifully, cost next to nothing, and looked lovely - for all of about two minutes. 

This jumped into my trolley whilst I was food shopping - yes food shopping - as in, having no intention of buying anything nail related - in my local Asda. It's called Twister, and was on offer for only £1.25. Bargain. Well, almost. We all know I love a bargain - in fact, I think I say that in most of my posts, so it has to be true. I think of bargains, and I think of many of my favourite ELF polishes. So many polishes, at £1.50 a go! So much fun to be had there! And I have had more good ones than mediocre ones. Bargain!!
So far, this is not a bargain.

Anyway, back to Twister. Despite the fact that this looks a little ridgy on, the colour is pretty. So pretty. Pretty enough to ignore the ridges.  A lovely dusky and metallic purple, that dries verrrrry quickly and looks gorgeous on.

Yes, that is a cat's bottom in the background of this picture. This is Jinx, who is gorgeous and sweet but as mad as a hatter! She was chasing her own tail during this mani. Yes. Her tail. I think the bright pink mousie next to her put her up to it! She's a strange one but soooo affectionate and adorable!

Anyway, I digressed again. I added a glossy black stripe to this polish, which I feel made my nails look like classy little gift boxes. No bow, so probably one you'd give to a man, but I liked it all the same.

Unfortunately, you can already see in this picture, a chip has miraculously appeared. Already. Whilst sat relatively still, at a desk. Taking photo's. Hardly digging around in rocks, or anything else equally as crazy or nail destroying!

Since this manicure, I have purchased China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Which I love. Oh yessss! So, when I get bored / experimental, I will try the Twister with the adored base coat, and see if I can make it last longer than two minutes. I mean, all I ask is a day. In fact 12 hours - not a lot really, but it's rare that I keep my polish the same for more than two days! If China Glaze manages to save this polish, I will let you know, as then I will be able to recommend it. For now I won't, as it seems a waste of £1.25. Not a huge amount, but no one buys polish to look at it in the bottle.


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