Monday, 19 March 2012

Jelly Sandwich! Nom!

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is another one of my attempts at cult nail art – this time being the 'Jelly Sandwich' manicure. 

Essentially, it is done by layering a glitter polish between layers of sheer polish, often called a jelly or sorbet polish.

I recently purchased the China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted nail polish collection, as it was on sale on the Sally's website clicky for... £9.98 + P&P. Not a typo. Bargain ;) For six polishes, even if I rarely use softer colours, I could not resist.

This is a wedding themed collection full of pale, soft pastelly colours which would be completely appropriate for your own wedding manicure, or even for something suitable for work. 

I used Pop The Question, which I can only describe as a cream toned white jelly polish. It's very sheer – in fact this manicure has three layers of Pop The Question, and you can still see plenty of my nail underneath.
For my glitter layers, I used a NYX polish called Blue Avenue. This is a bottle of blue tinged flakies in a predominantly clear polish. If You layer it over a white polish, the clear has the slightest teensiest blue hue. Not enough to make it noticeably bluer, but it is there. Just.

A lot of people seem to go with two jelly layers at the bottom, with a glitter layer, and then another layer of jelly at the top. I went with more of a Club Jelly Sandwich, using a layer of jelly, flakies, jelly, flakies, jelly and top coat to seal!

I liked this effect – it was more subtle than I wanted, but this flakies polish does not have a great pay off. I found that the more flakies I tried to get on each nail, the more gloopy the coat became. Ugh. I liked how the polish looked soft from a distance, but you could notice the added glitz as you got closer. This is definitely a go to mani when you have to be sensible, but don't want to be! A slight nail polish rebellion!!

Next time, I am going to experiment using different colours, and different types of glitter. I can't wait!

I hope you like it,

Love Charlotte x

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