Wednesday, 7 March 2012

And Finally: What Charlotte Did With Her Nails Whilst Neglecting Her Blog - Part IV

Last but not least - here is my latest confession.

I have been reading Helen and Sheenie's Blog Just Nice Things for about a year. They are truly temptresses of the nail polish world. I see so many polishes on their site, and instantly want to buy them!

Anyway, I have often seen Helen write about Sally's Hair and Beauty and felt incredibly jealous. I wanted a magical cave of beauty things too. I was fed up of reading American blogs with stores like Sephora and Ulta. I'm not sure why, but I googled Sally's. I wanted to know if there was one within striking distance. Or at least one I could take a day trip to with a friend, just to look and see (and maybe buy).

There was. It was seven miles down the bleedin' road. I could have walked there! (Could have - didn't!) I got my excited face on. The one where I act like I'm seven and dance and sing and shout with excitement. And then try to act like an adult. And then I got excited again.

I talked the hubby into coming with me. He owed me after the OPI thing. Totally!

I broke into my secret stash of Christmas money. The stuff I save for emergencies. (This counts! I might have died if I didn't!)

They had an offer on.

Buy any China Glaze polish, and get one from the Metro collection FREE. The girl behind the counter let me but two and get TWO FREE. (I likened this to Pretty Woman, where they let her shop. They let me shop! I didn't look anything like Julia Roberts or an expensive hooker at the time, but it felt damn good.)

Then, the husband fully redeemed himself. He dragged me away from the racks of polishes to ask if I had seen the box of discounted polish. The odds and ends that didn't need a whole shelf. I looked at him in wonderment, and knew right then, this was why I had married him. (That last bit was a joke, but seriously, I was sooo glad I did. I married him for other, right reasons, but it's always good to have perks, right?)

Beautiful, isn't it?

I bought: China Glaze Purple Panic (Neon) and got Traffic Jam free.
              China Glaze Sexy In The City and got Concrete Catwalk free.
              China Glaze Champagne Bubbles discounted for only 50p including VAT (ZOMG or what?)
              China Glaze Papaya Punch discounted for about £1.60 inc. VAT (also ZOMG)

And also, after seeing the reviews on for Nina Ultra Pro on Just Nice Things, I picked up the lovely:
             Nina Ultra Pro in Punki Pink
             Nina Ultra Pro in Tangerine Dream

These were about £4 each. I will soooo be buying more.

The best / worst part is that the buy one, get a Metro one free offer is on until the 14th of March. I trying to not go back. I'm trying. I'll fail.

And yes, I'm loving the oh-so-bright Neon of China Glaze's Purple Panic. Except, I can't call this purple. And it's near impossible to photograph. I can't wait to wear it with a tan! LOVE! And yes, I did photograph my nails whilst holding a screwdriver. I was at work and it was the closest thing that would work before someone saw me send a picture of my nails to many people. It was either that or air freshener.

Oh Sally's, you are one of the new loves in my life. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience.

Hubby, thank you for finding me the bargains of the century!

And, readers - thank you for sticking with the posts of craziness!


Charlotte x

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