Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Better Late Than Never: My Week Of Nails - Saturday's Manicure Madness

Hi everyone,

I have had myself a pretty busy and hectic week - hence the no-show of posts. So, whilst I have a few minutes to myself (ahhhhh peace and quiet) I thought I'd bombard you with a few recent nail pics!
My week of nails starts on Saturday the 17th - St. Patrick's Day! which was also the first time in a while that I wore three separate manicures! Three!! Obsessed, you say? Moi??

No comment!

Well, technically, this was done on the Friday night, ready for the incredibly early start I had the next day - I woke up and hated it. Apparently it wasn't green enough for me!

Apologies for the poor pictures by the way. What can I say, I'm a tired girl!

After that, I rushed a bit and came up with something greener. Ahem. Lime green, with spots, gradient and glitter? What was I thinking?? Oh, getting drunk! That's what I was thinking!

Reality - a full day in work, in fact an hour longer than I should have been, but yes. Work. Where I am supposed to be sensible.

At least I had a laugh ;)

Next came my nails from later that night. I was off to my gorgeous Sister-in-Law's hen night (they got married on the 24th of March - squeeeee!!) and she is alwayyyyyys uber glam. So, I went with one of my favourites polishes with a cute addition.

This is OPI's Designer... De Better with an accent bow! Cute and glam - well in my humble opinion anyway!

I loved this mani!! All of those sparkles and slight holo in DDB - just beautiful! I will never stop thanking Beth who convinced me to buy it on a bit of a whim - when I really could not afford it, but had to have it. Pretty much a day later, it was sold out everywhere.

Alas, my few minutes of peace have all but run out! I shall be back with more updates soon (I hope).

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlotte x

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