Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Nails From Last Week!

Hello again!

I'll try and make this a relatively quick post, as to be honest, I should be doing other things. Like getting dinner ready and having a tidy up.

Oh well, nails come first for me haha!!

Here is what I have been up to last week:


OPI's Planks A Lot.     Love this polish!      LOVE!!

Look at it's shiny grilac-ey-ness! Yes, we have already established that grilac is a word. It's a grey lilac, doncha know?!

Ah, this is nail porn. Even as I type this, I can't stop looking at it's loveliness!

I know, you're glad I shared. You're welcome!


A red ombre/gradient nail mani!!

As my now Sister-in-Law Sophie had chosen a gorgeous wine-ish purplish dress for us bridesmaids to wear, she asked if I had any recommendations for nail polish. Well, of course I did!

She decided on No. 7's Damson Dream (which you shall see sooooon), but as I was rooting through my various polishes, I figured I would play with a few. At once. Like this!!

This is, from thumb to pinky:

A Primark red jelly-ish polish called Marilyn (from a set)
Estée Lauder - Red Tango
ELF -  Red Velvet (mmmm cupcakes)
Revlon - Vixen
Estée Lauder - Black Midnight


Please excuse the tip wear! And the fact that my top coat ate some of my dots. But I forgot to photograph anything before work. In fact, if I had, I probably would have been late! Ooops!

This is what I declare to be the result of my Pound Shop Plunder!

Ok, so I didn't actually steal them, but for £1 per polish, it felt like it!

And it felt good!! Muhahaha!!

This is Revlon's Cloud (pale blue) and Stormy (greyish taupey brown).

And yes, £1 each. I also got Revlon's Peach Nectar, but I expect that will be a whole other post!

For £1. Love!!

Thursday and Friday

This is OPI's Be A Dahlia Won't You, layered with a Claire's Accessories dark grey glitter.The glitter doesn't have a name I'm afraid, but I like it, nonetheless!

Unfortunately, this did not photograph anywhere near as nicely as it looked on the nail. My first intention was to 'jelly sandwich' these two polishes, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It was too striking and pretty. In fact, my little shopping trip on Friday left me all embarrassed from all of the compliments I was getting for this mani! I will be doing this again, the hot pink is irresistible!

This is one pink I will be wearing again and again! Especially with a tan!!

Friday Evening and Saturday

Finally, for my Brother and Sister-in-Law's wedding (woooot!), the Bridesmaid, and the Bride herself all wore No.7's Damson Dream.

Again, apologies for the shoddy picture, but it was late. And I should have been in bed instead of doing my nails, but I had far too much to do the following day. This is a lovely plummy red with beautiful shimmer, and the slightest teensiest hint at a duochrome. Either that, or I had drunk far too much wine at the wedding and imagined it whilst staring at my own nails.

Or maybe both!

Thanks for reading my week of polish! I hope I didn't spam you too much!

Love Charlotte x

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