Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What Charlotte Did With Her Nails Whilst Neglecting Her Blog - Part III

Again, you say?

Yes - again! And yes, I am only posting the nails I liked.

So. When payday appeared (and disappeared very quickly) I allowed myself a little treat. I have been slowly building my China Glaze collection, and I treated myself to the Strong Adhesion Base Coat - which I lurve, and their 3D Glitter polish Prism. Glitters. I love them! Especially ones like this, that cover the nail in glitzy goodness! This is not your usual glitter polish - no one will mistake this for a sparkly top coat. Its beeeeauuuuuutiful!

This is it on my ring finger. Gorgeous shimmery, sparkly goodness in a bottle. I was so excited when this arrived!

The polish you can see on my other fingers, well... I can explain. It was just a slight slip. And the reason I have had to take packed lunches to work for an entire week.

It's OPI's I Don't Give A Rotter-Dam. You see, the hubby had to go to John Lewis, and he asked me if I would come along after work for some company. I thought it was sweet of him to ask me along - he said he wasn't going to be long, and he had missed me whilst we were at work, and it all felt very sweet. I had missed him too after all!

So we turned up at John Lewis, and he went off to do his man things, whilst I was abandoned left to wander around the beauty department. Now, he told me he wasn't going to be long. He was.

He was 30 minutes. Half an hour. Or, as I prefer to call it - a LIFETIME for a skint girl wandering around the land of temptation and bankruptcy. 

I tried to avoid it. But I couldn't. The OPI shelves, they called to me. Charlotte, they said, We have the new Holland collection. It's over here, weighing down our shelves, so heavy... Won't you help lighten our load? They whispered their sweet nothings to me, which I tried to rebuke - I can't afford you, I said, You only want me for my money and I have none!

I was on my knees in seconds and searching through the shiny glass bottles of temptation to find this. I Don't Give A Rotter-Dam. (The shelves were low down, I'm not that crazy!)

A delicious denim-y blue, with the slightest hint of grey and silver and gold sparkles.I have nothing like this in my collection. Correction, I had nothing like this.

I blame the hubby. If he hadn't have left me alone for so so (so) long, it would never have come to this.

£11 for one bottle of polish is a lot for me. I mean, I purchased Prism and Strong Adhesion off Amazon, and the two bottles came to £12. TWO!

I just could not help myself (still the husband's fault!).

And I'm glad I got it. Packed lunches aren't so bad. And this is divine.

There-in lay another dilemma. I purchased I Don't Give A Rotter-Dam on Tuesday night, and my China Glazes arrived Wednesday morning. As you can see, instead of picking one, I picked both! Accent finger!! Yayy!

Just so you can see how wonderfully glitzy Prism is, I have included this blurred shot, which gives you a great idea of how many colours and sparkles are packed into this polish!

This is two coats of both polishes. A weird thing happened to me with these. I wanted to keep applying them, despite the fact I didn't have to. I guess it's like eating cake even if you're not hungry. You just want to! They were a pleasure to apply, and lasted really well. I used them with my base coat, and managed to keep this going for three days with only minor tip wear. I only took it off as I was bored.

The moral of this story: I may be skint and living off beans on toast for a while, but it is totally worth it for these polishes!

And it is still the hubby's fault, after all!

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