Friday, 1 February 2013

My Ciaté Advent Calendar Adventure! Cupcake Queen

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the lovely Beth, I managed to get my manicured mitts on one of the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendars that were all over the Blogosphere last year.

As almost the entire planet (slight exaggeration there...) was taking pictures of these polishes (me included, of course) I aimed to try and do something to my nails everyday. I tried (and failed) to wear each different polish each day. Some days I was just too busy to spend 20 minutes waiting for the Caviar Manicures to dry. And then there was the whole issue of how to pull off the bright green Mojito, and the equally bright Big Yellow Taxi. Which was very yellow. Pulling those off in the middle of December would take some braver nails than mine!!

As I had quite a bit of fun with these polishes, the next few posts are going to be dedicated to them!

So, let's have a look at a swatch of my favourite!

Cupcake Queen:

Well, firstly, who doesn't love cupcakes? Exactly.

Secondly, who doesn't love a bright pink with a blue shimmer running through it?! Exactly, again!

This was three coats, and sadly it still showed the dreaded VNL. But it's pretty enough to forgive it haha!

What do you think? Did you get the Ciaté MMM?

Love Charlotte x

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