Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pretty Pictures From My Phone - Dorothy Rose Bridal

Hi Everyone,

This is a totally non-nail related post. I found these in the depths of my phones picture library - they're actually from my sister-in-law Sophie's Bridal Boutique - 'Dorothy Rose'. I felt as though the pictures were just too pretty to not be shared!

She opened her own shop just before Christmas and whilst being rather jealous of all the pretties, I was massively impressed and proud of her! She has designed all of her own dresses and decorated the store herself! (Well, there was a crew of us all pitching in to help with the painting etc, and I know her dad and my brother helped a hell of a lot too! Even I did a bit of painting... out the back... apparently painting walls is NOTHING like painting nails!!)

Either way, I just wanted to show you guys a couple of the pics I found!!

How gorgeous is this? I just want to dress up in here everyday!! I love the attention to detail, and how she has managed to make it into a princess playground!

Any brides to be in North-West England should totally check her out - Sophie herself is beyond lovely, and her dresses are amazing. She even helps you to design your own if you can't find what you want - or if you just want something unique!

Seriously Soph, where were you when I was getting married???!

She's on twitter at @DotRoseBridal - go follow her - even if it's just to see pictures of pretty dresses!!

Normal service (if it ever was normal...) shall now resume!

Love Charlotte x

PS. Her website is if you want to have a peek. She's also on Facebook, but I don't really do the whole FB thing myself!!

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