Monday, 11 February 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Swatches - The Mariah Minis

Hi Everyone,

I think that like most OPI fans, when the term Liquid Sand started popping up, I was rather curious.

The whole textured thing has been rather massive so far, and whilst I can't ever see myself with Care Bear nails, glitter is a bandwagon I can jump on!

So, rather than go crazy and just buy everything, I decided getting the minis would be a sensible and less space consuming idea. (I just got my first Nail Polish Only Helmer - and it's almost full...).

First up, we have Get Your Number. A mid blue with holo glitter pieces.

This is two coats - and as you can see, the colour is a fair bit lighter than the bottle when it's fully dry. It takes about 10 minutes to dry completely.

I didn't expect to like this - I'm not a huge fan of blue polish normally, but I really loved it. Possibly because of the holo glitter infusion. It was surprisingly easy to apply, and a rather hard wearing polish. I only had it on for about 30 hours, but I didn't see any tip wear or chips in that time. The texture took a bit of getting used to - I found myself rubbing my nails quite a bit!

Next is Can't Let Go - a rich purple with purple glitter.

As a self confessed lover of purple, I knew I would really like this one! But - shock horror - it's not my favourite. It comes second, in case you were wondering haha!! It comes up a bit blue - and reminded me of a darker version of Get Your Number. And I think the glitter pieces are lacking something. I would have liked to see this with a different colour glitter, perhaps a pink or gold. Again, this is two coats.

Third is my least favourite from the collection - Stay The Night. A blackened base with red sparkles.

OK, I'm just going to say it. This made me feel like I had a disease growing on my nails. Did not like. No matter how I tried to look at it, I hated it. I kept thinking of bacteria and microbes and Dettol adverts about killing E-coli. Sorry OPI, but ewww. This took three coats for proper coverage. Again, a great formula, but if you want my humble opinion, wear it like this:

With a glossy top coat! It magically turns from an ugly duckling and into a gorgeous swan.The red becomes all glowy and bright, and the shine adds depth to the polish! I actually sighed with relief when I did this. It saved this polish, and gave it a place in my collection. I probably would have labelled it as a Biohazard and called a Hazmat team in otherwise.

Finally, we have my favourite from the minis collection - The Impossible. A Fuchsia pink - which allegedly has star shaped glitter in it. Mine didn't. Where are my bleedin' star shaped glitters?? WHERE OPI, WHERE?!

Anyway. I've calmed down, so lets have a peek!

It's just so pretty. The colour is bright, despite it being matte, and it gives a girly element to the rough texture. I say this a lot, I realise, but this will look beautiful with a tan.This was two and a half coats. The half was me fishing for the star shaped glitter that I was promised, but did not get. Pfft.

What do you think about this Liquid Sand collection? Do you have any favourites? Personally, I was a huge Mariah fan when I was growing up, but I felt that this was not a great collection. Where are all of the pinks? The butterfly references? A collection of charms to stick on? With the exception of the Liquid Sand polishes, I couldn't help but feel like we had seen it all before. I would have loved to see some references to early Mariah too! I mean, Hero is one her best known songs - where was the nod for that?

*Goes back to the 90's*

Any thoughts about this collection? I'd love to know,

Love Charlotte x

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  1. Your description of that black one made me laugh - and now you say it, all I can see is zombified rotting flesh. It does look lovely with a topcoat though!


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