Saturday, 30 June 2012

Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy over No.7 Lucky Lilac

Hi Everyone!

Here's another one from my vault of the unposted. I really ought to have shared this one sooner, it was such a pleasing manicure!

After how pleased I was with using my Color Club Candy Cane over a solid base colour, I wanted to try it with my lusted polish, Color Club's Sugar Plum Fairy . Words can not describe how much I loved this combination - the lilac base really brings out the best of Sugar Plum Fairy. I kept this on for three whole days. That is unheard of for me. Three days?!

Words might not describe my adoration well enough, but they do say that a picture says a thousand words...

I guess that's 10,000 words for you!

Happy polishing - let me know if there are any other combinations that make you go squee!

Love Charlotte x

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