Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Model's Own Pink Fizz

Hi Everyone,

Mmmm Pink Fizz... Yes please, it sounds tasty and alcho-frolic so I'll totally have some!

The polish doesn't disappoint either! My glitter holographic phase seems to be moving onto a glitter phase. Which will likely cost me a small fortune in tin foil, but since when did we skimp on the basics for our nails?

I have to confess, this post is a lot later than intended. In fact, I think I picked this up when Boots were offering 3 for 2 on all cosmetics, around the beginning of March. As lots of people bought me lots of fantastic polish for my birthday, the ones I bought myself kinda got forgotten about. This is kind of embarrassing, as I also picked up some of the highly sought after Beetlejuice polishes too. I feel like I should be writing lines here - I will not neglect my purchases 100 times.

Anyway, in my ever growing collection of polish, I had felt that I needed a pink glitter, to help me feel more complete. Ta dahhh!

*Feels more complete*
This polish applied rather nicely for a glitter - it has a pleasing, thick consistency and is densely packed with glitter. The photo's above show just two coats. I think a third would have been perfect, as the photo's show some small gaps I hadn't noticed on the nail.

So, bubbly vino anyone?

Love Charlotte x

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