Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Flames

Hi Everyone,

Seeing as everyone in the UK, and pretty much everyone else on the planet Twitter has been talking about the Olympic Opening Ceremony - and more specifically the lighting of the Torch, I had flames in mind when painting my nails for last night's outing.

We were off out for a meal to celebrate my Brother's birthday, and of course, the nail polish fiend in the family had to do something with her claws!

For my flame inspired mani, I started with a black glossy base. I used Bourjois Ultra Shine Noir de Chine. Although not typical flame-esque colours, I am a complete sucker for purples and bright pinks. I used OPI's Pamplona Purple, and Leighton Denny's Plush Pink. How's about that for alliteration - Pamplona Purple Plush Pink?!

I started with a few blobs of the purple on the tip of my nail, and using a pin, I dragged it up in varying swirls and flicks. I left it to dry slightly and then added the pink in the same manner. I sealed it with a top coat, and I was done!

This is my first time doing a manicure with pins. Whilst not ah-may-zing, I was happy with my finished result! I love the colour combination, and the flame effect is so cool!

Either way, I hope you like it! Have you done a mani like this before? I would love to see any pictures of yours!

Love Charlotte x

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