Thursday, 26 July 2012

2true Shade 9

Hi Everyone,

Here is another swatch from the vault. I swatched this a while ago during an epic swatchathon, and never got round to posting it. Ooops!

Anyway, you may have seen the 2true stands in your local Superdrug store - they are the ones where everything is £1.99 each, or three for £5. Bargain!

I had read good things about the tall, skinny 2true polishes, and at that price, I figured it wouldn't harm to try for myself. Of the ones I picked up, I am going to show you this one first, as it is my favourite. This is shade number 9, a glorious smokey brown.

This is a pleasure to apply, with a great brush and formula. It dries quickly, and to a very glossy finish - you can see my patio doors reflected in the shine of the top pictures! This is a gorgeous colour - a great neutral colour for Summer nails, and again, a good one for the eventual transition into Autumn.

If you haven't already tried some of these polishes, I kindly request demand that you do, just so you can thank me for it afterwards! Yes, I'll take some credit where it's not due!

Love Charlotte x

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