Monday, 30 July 2012

Happy Anniversary To My Husband

Hi Everyone,

It's so hard to believe that it has been a whole year already. 365 days of married bliss.

I know they say time goes quick when you are having fun, but seriously? I remember how hot it was that day. The weather had been terrible in the run up, and was terrible after, but on that Saturday, the sun was blazing and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. I can still remember how it felt wearing my Wedding dress, the weight, the texture of the material, and the fit around my body. I can recall the smell of my bouquet - white roses and freesias, a mix of my favourite and my Grandmother's favourite flowers. It seemed only fitting seeing as I had chosen her Wedding Anniversary to make my own.

I remember how nervous I was through the entire ceremony. I was literally shaking under my dress, my heart thudding, and my voice squeaking. Not exactly a cool and relaxed bride. It was by far the scariest thing I have done, and also by far the best. I know that it will always be the best thing I have ever done.

I can also remember the huge swells of relief; when he turned to see me for the first time that day, as I walked down the aisle - his eyes lighting up and the smile on his face. He wanted to be there, I wasn't abandoned at the altar, he wanted to marry me. When we were pronounced Husband and Wife and he kissed me. Everything else fell away, it was just me and him and I loved him ferociously. For being there, for wanting me.

When you love someone, your worst nightmare is that they will decide that they don't love you anymore. They don't want marriage, or commitment. On your Wedding day, despite all of your common sense, there is always that worry at the back of your mind that you will arrive, and they won't be there. When you see your love, you realise that today, your dreams are going to come true. You win. You get your happy ever after. At least, that's how it feels to me.

I might not have the best job, or a decent wage. I might not have the biggest house, or a new flashy car. I'm not the prettiest, thinnest, smartest. But when I get home at night, it's to the best man I could have ever married. My best friend. The only person on the planet I could be trapped on a desert island with. The one person who truly gets me, and who I truly get. He makes me roll my eyes at his silly antics, and he makes me cry with happiness for how good he is to me. He can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. He brings out the best in me, every single day. He might wind me up from time to time, but he is always there for me. And he is always the one I want to be around, for better or worse.

I love him. I always will.

Arriving with my Brother and Bridesmaids, my Sister and now Sister-in-Law
My Bouquet, simple but just right
A very happily married couple :)
Sunset on our Honeymoon

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