Tuesday, 12 June 2012

More Summer Neons

Hi Everyone!

As the sun is currently shining, I'm going to be optimistic and post something summery from the archives!  Cos, well, with the UK, you have to have your Summer in the space of five minutes or not at all. 7am on a Tuesday? No problem!

The polish I'm going to show you today is another Summer must have.  Alas, pale skinned beauties might not agree, but with a tan, this is divine.

All hail China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy. Unless of course, you have skin of pure porcelain. Sorry!

(Note: This came into my collection via Beth (again!) who in fact has very beautiful, but very pale skin. I would normally feel bad, but she does have amazing skin and I would like to remind people that you shouldn't have it all! Its not fair!)

This polish is not for the faint-hearted. It is bold and bright, very much a highlighter pink. In natural lighting, it looks as though it is a mix of a salmon pink with a hint of coral to it. Its only once you introduce the flash that you see the brighter, more orangey colour.

This took two coats and dried to a matte finish, which is typical of neons. You can of course add a glossy top coat if you prefer to really dazzle people with your nails! I found it to be a little bit streaky, so do be aware with your own application.

I for one, will be praying to the Sun Gods, so that I might be blessed with an enviable tan, so that this can be on my toes all Summer long. Which in the UK, is about 3 days ;)

Hope you like it,

Love Charlotte x

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