Monday, 18 June 2012

Cherry Blossom Nails

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm going to share with you a mani that I have been dying to do for ages. You see, I have a slight obsession with cherry blossoms. I can't explain it, I have always loved seeing blossoms on trees. When I saw some of the fantastic art work surrounding Japanese Sakura, I became a bit more obsessed. Especially some of the tattoos, and of course nail art you can see floating about on the interwebs.

Now I don't consider myself to be a great nail-artist. I'm OK, I guess - I do it for the love of it more than anything. Trust me, some of the nails out there blow my mind. I always put off doing cherry blossoms because I always knew I would fuck it up and be completely depressed I couldn't do it properly.

Then, as I often do,  one day I woke up with a brain worm that I had to just try it. I had to get it out of my system before I started work at 8 am that morning. So you know, setting self up to fail, etc. God only knows what I had been dreaming about that night, but anyway - here is my first ever attempt.

As you can see, I have gone with some creative rotating for these pictures. I do not have crazy bendy hands and wrists, or extreme photography skills. Have you tried making these poses upside down and taking a picture? Haha!

I'll be honest, most of this got slapped together as I assumed I was going to hate my results and take it off. And of course, it had to be done quickly, as I have other things to do before work other than just paint my nails.

I used a basic white base, with a jelly-ish blue slapped on in a gradient-esque manner. I blended this using a quick dry top coat. Then, I used my Claire's black nail art pen to draw in the branches. I used the brush to create the uneven and random lines. I figured that branches are often uneven and random in nature, so why not on my nails?

I then mixed together splodges of China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and Purple Panic to create a bright pink. I slapped this on using a toothpick, in what were supposed to be little dots, but I started to run out of time - hence the mess. I added a dot of white, some quick dry top coat, and ran out of the door!

You know what? I'm actually quite pleased with this. For my first go, I think it looks awesome. And I have gained a bit of confidence that I could do it better next time - especially if I give myself more time! And, one of my customers told me that she loved my nails. Inner squeal whilst at work!!

The moral of this story? Try it, you might just like it!!

Love Charlotte x


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    1. Thank you! I'll go take a look at your blog now ;)



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