Thursday, 7 June 2012

Comin' Up Daisies!

Hi Everyone,

After my foray into florals a few posts ago, I decided to do it again today, with a slight difference. Again, this is very simple to do, and so satisfying too.

I used the Nails Inc Bluebell polish that came free with In Style magazine - you may remember my review here. Its a very soft blue, which reminds me of hazy Summer days. I then used my trusty Claire's Accessories nail art pen in white for the petals.

The daisies were made by painting crosses on my nails, first an 'x', then a '+', and then filling in the gaps. As the annoying Meerkat says, simples!! Then I used a pastel yellow for the centre - I used Collection 2000's Lemon Soda. Very simples.

Finish with a top coat, and you're done! I am pretty pleased with this to be honest - granted I could have done a better job, but seeing as I did it before work and time was limited, I think its pretty good!

I hope you like it!!

Love Charlotte x

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