Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nail Polish Archeology - Rimmel Icing Sugar

Hi Everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram (charnailsntales) or Twitter (@charnailsntales) you will know about my horrible break up. Yes, my nail break up. (The marriage is still rock solid just in case anyone had concerns - I won't be turning into the crazy cat lady anytime soon!)

The nails. They are short. It makes me sad. It feels like they got everything in the split. So whilst I wait for them to grow, I am posting older posts that never got around to seeing the other side of the tinterwebs! So, there may be random, and there may be odd. But still, there will be nails that don't look quite so terrifying first thing in the morning! Well, except for these...

            I've been digging again! I have another abandoned polish today, again one I can not remember purchasing at all. This time it's a Rimmel polish called Icing Sugar.

Its a very pale frost, borderline white with the slightest amount of pink. Very not me. In fact, I only took the one photo to remind myself not to wear this on it's own again. It's a nice enough polish if you like frosts and like very pale nails - or perhaps something wedding or work appropriate. I just find this shade to be a bit dated for my liking. It might need to be reburied in the stash as this Icing Sugar is overly saccharine and sweet for me.

I'm sure it will find it's purpose one day!.....

Love Charlotte x

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