Thursday, 21 June 2012

You Never Forget Your First... OPI

Hi Everyone!

Did you all think it was going to be that kind of post? Noooo, I am no where near drunk enough for those kinds of posts, as you can see from the lack of typos and written slurring.

I'm writing about my first ever OPI polish. And what a first.

Designer Series Coronation.

I received a mini bottle in a Glossybox - the first Glossybox if I remember correctly.

It's beautiful. It is silver shimmery micro-fine glitter, and is packed with very subtle holographic particles. It looks beautiful on. Just stunning.The holographic effect is scattered, rather than being in your face like my Layla polishes. It's elegant and ladylike. Beautiful.

I mean, look.

This polish is partly to blame for my serious addiction to polish. I've always liked it, but this is the one that made my inner polisholic scream 'MOAR'!!

The only thing that makes me sad is that it's £18 for a full-size bottle, and difficult to find in full size. I bought myself another mini bottle, just in case. I don't wear it often, as it is a bit special to me. I wish it dried a bit quicker, and that it didn't require four coats for opacity.

But still, it is pretty amazing.

For the sake of scientific curiosity, I did compare it to my other scattered holo polish - the Claire's Accessories one from here. My index and middle finger has the Claire's holo, and my ring finger and pinky have the OPI. Have a look for yourself...

You can see that the OPI is obviously a lot finer - whilst they both dry smooth, the Claire's looks gritty in comparison. You can see why the OPI is more expensive, it's far more luxurious a polish. Under the light, they both have a beautiful holo effect, but in normal light conditions, it's the OPI that steals the show.

So, what do you think? Would you hunt down a full size Coronation, or make do with the much cheaper and readily available Claire's Accessories polish?

This is a tough one if you ask me - but I know which my favourite is!

Love Charlotte x

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