Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tales: Mini Musings!

Happy Saturday!!!

Now, I am a bit of a foodie - but I do not discriminate. I will just as happily nom a Big Mac as I will be wined and dined somewhere fancy (where the food is prettier than I am, and alas, is gone in one bite :/ ) Either way, you get the idea, I love food. As part of this little declaration, I should also confess that I love chocolate. However, this is where I differ. I would much rather have Cadbury's or Galaxy chocolate - hell, even supermarket own brand chocolate, than a fancy box. Simple, is sooooo often better!

Now you are all thinking about chocolate... Think about the humble Cadbury's Mini Egg. Not quite so rare as they used to be, as they disappear from our supermarket shelves for all of three days now over the Christmas period, but still a treasure amongst other crispy coated chocolate bites!  The soft pastel colours, the velvety feel to the powdered shell and that ever-so-satisfying bite through the crisp shell into the soft, creamy milk chocolate.And the fact that it almost impossible to stop at ten one. A few days ago, a rather large bag was being offered around in work.

Note: I am trying to be good with eating at the moment, the more fruit and vegetables, less chocolate and cake kind of thing. I said trying. Sometimes people try and succeed, sometimes people try and fail. I tend to do the latter...! But hey, at least I tried!

Rather than take one/several/the whole bag, I decided on a slightly different treat. I smelled them.

Wow. Seriously, they do smell amazing; they smell soft and sweet and ever so tasty. And to distract myself, as the bag moved further from my reach, I found myself wondering - If the smell of Cadbury's Mini Eggs could be bottled, would women wear it as a perfume? I think I would - something soft, sweet and tasty - that sounds ever so feminine! Would you wear it yourself? Let me know!

Warning: after mentioning this little musing to a few colleagues, one fellow chocoholic suggested it would be quite dangerous to wear. Mostly, as the perfume would attract other chocoholics who might cause the wearer distress with frantic licking in attempts to get the chocolatey goodness! I'll leave you with that particular thought...

Happy Saturday,

Charlotte x

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