Thursday, 2 February 2012

Innocence! Moi...?

Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd share my nails of the day with you! I'm having a phase where I try to wear polishes that I haven't worn before, and amidst my ever expanding collection, I spotted ELF's Innocence.

Now, I love me some ELF. Some of their products are brilliant, and I have recommended them to my sister and a fair few friends, and we are hooked! Beauty bargains! So, you can imagine at only £1.50 a go, I have an extensive ELF nail polish collection. It would be quicker to name the ones I don't have... ;)

Innocence is one of the ones I bought and haven't yet worn. Probably because it isn't showy and immediately noticeable.
This isn't the type of polish  I often go for - I need a bit of colour in my life to brighten up the dreary weather, and lighten up the dark cold nights! This is a pale beige-y colour, with the slightest hints of a dusky rose and pale grey.

This polish required at least three even coats to become this opaque. On a long nail, it does look like quite an elegant colour - I would say that it would be nice for work if you can't get away with something a bit more in your face. (Luckily for me... My boss doesn't mind my crazy polish concoctions and creations! Yay!!)

This however, does not look pretty on a shorter nail. I have a poor little broken one on the other hand, and found it looked a bit meh.

Whilst this particular polish was admired by a few people, I found myself thinking that it this is how Barbie's hand would look if the doll became a real life sized person. A strange thought, nonetheless, but one that stuck. Poor Barbie, we all know she would be desperate for a shiny hot pink!

By the time I got home from work, I was bored of this to be honest. It is a bit too 'innocent' for me! The first thing I wanted to do, was to try a matte top coat, hoping to give this polish a new lease of life, or at least a new reason to tempt me back.

Alas, this just created the ick you see above. Chalky, streaky and not very pleasant at all! I imagine this is likely due to the fact that 'Innocence' requires so many coats to look half decent. The top coat just ate bits of it away! Om nom nom!

I can't see this being a polish I will rush to use again. It was hard-ish to apply, with a tendency to be a bit streaky and an unsatisfying formula. Despite the fact I had to add many layers, I found that the overall finish was not as good as I had hoped. Perhaps next time, if I'm bored enough, I'll try it with some flakies or glitter over the top, but for now - back on the shelf! Such a shame, as so many of my ELF polishes have fantastic formulas and application!

Oh well, on to the next mani! I hope you find this useful,

Charlotte x

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