Friday, 24 February 2012

MUA + Flash Cosmic = LOVE!

 Hi everyone,

You may remember my last post where I confessed my love for a little £1 polish from MUA - named Shade 1 by MUA, and the lovely 'Crushed Sapphire' by moi!

Well, I decided to have a little play about with it... As you do...!

Either way, I hope you like the results (drum roll please!) Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Crushed Sapphire with the delightful Maybelline Flash Cosmic top coat! Yayyy!

Words express much better than pictures, just how pretty this combination actually is. We have the lovely subtle sparkles from the MUA polish to start with, that elegant shimmery effect that gets prettier the closer you get. And then, with the addition of Flash Cosmic, you get a real wow factor. What the photos could not capture, no matter how hard I tried, is the wonderful petrolesque effect that Flash Cosmic gives in the light. You see flashes of blue, purple and green in the chunky glitter pieces, which all compliment the MUA polish beautifully. Oh, and it dries in about 40 seconds. Win win!

In fact, so many people thought that this combination was an offering from OPI or China Glaze! It genuinely does look like they were destined to be paired and create a gorgeous combination. This is a very pretty way of doing galaxy nails too - there is a lovely sense of depth to the layers with the larger and micro glitters combined, like you could be staring at the stars in the deep night sky!

I will definitely be doing this mani again, and again, and again..! And if you happen to have these polishes in your own stash... DO IT! You will not be disappointed, I assure you!

At only £1, you have no excuse for not grabbing yourself the MUA polish, and the Maybelline polish is around £3 to £4 from various online retailers. An absolute bargain! Sadly, I haven't seen it in stores for a while - I hope Maybelline haven't done something daft and discontinued it, as it is an awesome way to give your mani a bit of a lift, or to spruce up colours you may be bored of.

Do you have a favourite glitter top coat? How do you use yours?

Have a sparkly, cosmic day,

Charlotte x

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