Friday, 17 February 2012

MUA Shade 1: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share one of my latest little buys with you. I love it when you find a brand that makes decent products, at a very reasonable price - I mean, who doesn't love a bargain?!

I have recently stumbled upon a lovely little brand called MUA, who seem to have products popping up all over the blogosphere at the moment, especially for their wonderful eyeshadows and dupes! As ever, I am drawn to a bargain like flys to honey, and I could not help myself! So much so, I went back for seconds!

MUA Shade 1 Natural Light
After my first little haul, I found myself checking out their website, to see what else to add to my shopping list. I saw a little polish I realised I needed for my collection, so I hightailed it back to my local Superdrug and picked up Shade No.1. Not the most imaginative name, but hey, for £1, I'll make my own name up!

I think this polish should be called Crushed Sapphire. It's a beautiful rich, almost black-blue, that applies remarkably well for a budget brand.
Natural Light Again

This is just two coats. Its full of little micro-glitter flecks which dance in the light, making it a very pretty shade, rather than being heavy and 'blocky' on the nail. When I wear very dark shades on my nails, I can't help think it looks a bit gothic and mannish (read:they make my fingers look fat) on me, so they tend to get left for rare occasions when I feel a bit experimental and/or brave!

This is surprisingly elegant for a darker shade! The flecks really bring back the femininity for me!

My only minor gripe is that the brush and handle are a bit short and stubby, so application was a bit more careful for me - some polishes can be literally slapped on and look fine, but I took my time with this one. Drying time was relatively quick too - I don't think you could ask for much more for your £1!

Taken With Flash

Sparkly Goodness in a Dinky Bottle!

I've taken as many photos as possible to try and capture those pretty little flecks of gorgeousness! My camera is not great at all, but hopefully, you'll get the idea!

So, here we have it - my bargain polish of the month. This is certainly one I will use again, and definately one I recommend for any lovers of darker, richer colours - or just someone who fancies a bit of sparkle once in a while.

If you find yourself near a Superdrug store, why not check out MUA for yourself!

Have a great day,

Charlotte x

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