Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bambi Rescue!

Hi Everyone,

Lately, I have been making an attempt to wear some of the many polishes that I have purchased, but not actually worn. I am terrible for this. I pick up new polishes like some sort of collecting monster, and then leave them abandoned and unused. As I now have my own personal blog, I figured that I had a perfect excuse to rectify this! And it's about time too...

Meet Bambi. Well, sort of. This polish comes from one of my favourite places to find fun new polishes, without bankrupting myself. H&M. This particular bottle caught my eye for many reasons, but mostly for my love of Disney movies of course, and the fact I don't have anything similar in my collection.

The bottle is really cute! A little baby Bambi, with Thumper skidding around on ice, hence the name. Personally, I'm not a fan of the name as such, so to me, this will always be Bambi.

The polish itself is a very pale, almost icy, green toned creme, with hints of grey in it - it has a very cool tone to it, and personally, I found it to be slightly unflattering with my skin tone. Application wasn't bad to be fair, this required just two coats to be completely opaque, but it does show up the brush strokes in the finished effect.

Looking at the polish on my nails, I found myself wanting it to be a bit glossier, or to have a bit of a sparkle to it, rather than being so flat. I decided that this polish might benefit form something over the top, and initially I was thinking a glitter or flakies top coat. Instead, I went with this, and I am sooooo glad I did...

This is a floral pattern from my BM plate number 225, stamped using Barry M's Emerald Green. With the added top coat, it was almost impossible to photograph, it was so shiny and shimmery. Emerald Green is a polish that I bought and tried, and could not make up my mind about. The effect of the nail is hugely glossy and has a rich colour to it. I was impressed by the shine, until someone told me that my nails looked like fresh car paint. I think it was meant as a compliment, judging by their reaction to my reaction haha! It did come from a man after all! I am hoping he was referring to its high gloss, and consistent colour, however, that particular thought of green cars would not dislodge itself from my mind and the polish came off shortly afterwards. I'm sure I've read somewhere that green cars are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than cars of other colours, and I had horrible feelings this colour might curse me into chopping a finger off, or worse - breaking a nail!! Aaaargh! Either way, it was off-putting! (Any drivers of green cars, I wish you additionally safe motoring, just in case!!)

Luckily for me, this particular combination has breathed fresh life into two polishes that I might not have used again otherwise. They compliment each other well: Emerald Green gives enough shimmer to liven up the flat-ness of Bambi. With this mani, I found myself staring at my nails a little bit too much - the effect of the two colours reminded me of Jade ornaments and carvings. Thankfully, this managed to get me a few compliments that didn't put me off doing it again!! Haha! Sadly, I added a top coat before taking any initial photographs and the finished effect was extreme gloss! Such shine and shimmer, that my poor little camera failed to take any decent pictures - this was the absolute best of the bunch! Next time, I solemnly swear to take better pictures! I promise!

I hope you like my little Bambi collaboration! And the next time you're in H&M, check out their polishes - they usually have a great range at equally great prices!

Charlotte x

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