Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello There Kitty...!

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would share with you some pictures of my nails that I did a while back. If anything, these were more for my sister than for me, as she is the Hello Kitty fan! As always, I've been trying to encourage her to grow her nails, and I thought this cute mani might do the trick, but no...  

I had seen a few examples of this online, and decided that I wanted to do a bare nail manicure, with the 'french tip' effect. I really loved how cute the red and white looked together, and the silver just gives it the right amount of sparkle!

I'm no artist, but I am happy with how my kitty turned out! It ain't perfect, but I like it! And I got a lot of compliments for it, which is always awesome!
For this manicure, I used the Mavala 'Elle' Red for the tips (awesome freebie, courtesy of the wonderful Beth at!), the Claire's Accessories nail art pens in Black, White and Silver for dots and lining, and a Red (unnamed and unnumbered!) Nail Star nail art pen for Kitty's bow! 

You can see my Claire's nail art pens are well used, the labels are rubbing away! To make the actual dots, I put some of the white polish on a piece of card and used an old, bent bobby pin/hair grip to apply them evenly!Then I covered with a top coat to keep them shiny and pretty!

This manicure is a really cute and girly one – the Kitty was a bit tricky for me, and a bit adventurous for work haha!   Even without the Kitty, the tips alone look fab and fun! I hope you like it!

Have a lovely day,

Charlotte x

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