Monday, 14 January 2013

Essie - Beach Bum Blu

Hi Everyone!

This next polish makes me wonder why I picked it up. I'm not the biggest fan of wearing blue polish. And I don't wear foil / metallic polish very often. So picking up a polish that is a blue foil? A little bit random for me...!

To be fair though, it is a beautiful blue, and quite a soft foil too! Its a more Summery colour, I would say - and I imagine it would look awesome with a decent tan! But foils remind me of Christmas treats and tinsel, so we'll take a look at it now! (I know, I'm so impatient!!)

As its a foil, there are a few brush strokes, but nothing major - its a much softer look! The blue has a slight tinge of turquoise to it, which makes it that little bit more interesting. And as always, the formula and application were excellent - I love the Essie brush!

What do you think? Tan or tinsel?

Let me know,

Love Charlotte x

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